Welcome to Our MK Girlfriends Club & Incredible Business!

Congratulations on becoming a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant! You are now a part of one of the most dynamic Companies in the world! You are also part of our record breaking Million Dollar Unit. We are excited to work with you. Our unit number is P783, Seminar Affiliation is Ruby, and our National Sales Director is Amie Gamboian.


Mary Kay is known for its leading edge products, incredible marketing plan and Christian principles. We are proud to live and work by the Golden Rule, always doing unto others as we want done unto us. We are also known around the country for our impeccable professional image-please wear a skirt or business suit when you come to our events and when you are conducting Mary Kay business.


Our unit is a nationally ranked, Million Dollar Unit in Mary Kay-we have been recognized among the very best in all of the company. You are a huge part of our goals!


As your business advisor & mentor, I am here to help you be successful as you build your business. I will match my time with your effort.


Should you have any questions or concerns as you build your business, please contact me at (402) 891-2403. I will be more than happy to assist you.


May God richly bless your journey!



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New Independent Beauty Consultant tab: 13 topics guide you through some of basics of starting your MK business:
1. Making time work for you   
2.Building Your Customer Base   
3.Coaching the Hostess  
4.selling Inventory   
5. Overcoming Objections   
6. Planning Your Work  
7.Goal Setting  
8.Getting organized   
9.Positive Impressions   
10. After the sales   
11. Start Up tools   
12. Dialogues   
13. Next Steps

Pre-Independent Sales DIQ tab - 9 lessons designed to strengthen your knowledge base and equip you for a successful transition into role of new Independent Sales Director:

  • The Leader in You

  • Leadership Qualities

  • Reaching Success

  • Setting Goals

  • Growing Your Business

  • People, Words and Confidence

  • Personal Responsibility

  • SWOT and Critical Inch

  • Preparing for DIQ

Professional Sales - 8 classes educate you on those activities that will help set you up for the sale, covering:
What should I already know? How do I book from warm chatter? How do I book from a class? How do I book from a referral? How do I prepare for a class? How can communication skills help sales? What is the best way to build long-lasting relationships? How do I best represent my MK business?

Financial Management - 7 classes:
Your money style, The "WHY" behind your plan, Budgeting, Cash vs. Credit, Getting Organized, Protecting your money, Mary Kay's Legacy.

Targeted Marketing
Growing and Diversity - videos
Gen Y - Who they are and why they matter to you?
Gen Y - What she's like as a customer? 
Gen Y - What she's like as a Team member?
Gen X - Who they are and why they matter to you?
Gen X - Whats she like as a customer?
Gen X - What she's like as a team member?
Baby Boomers - Who they are and why they matter to you?
Baby Boomer - Whats shes like as a customer?
Baby Boomer - What shes like as a team member?
Latinas - Who they are and why they matter to you?
Latinas - Whats she like as a customer?
Latinas - Whats she like as a team member?
Reaching Out - Reaching out to the Latina market

Team Building with Integrity - 8 classes designed to help guide you toward achieving your highest potential while building your team:
Where Do I Start?
Why Should I Build a Team?
Am I Ready to Build a Team?
Who Should I Invite on My Team?
How Should I Respond?
How Do I Recruit with Integrity?
Where Are My Tools?
What Are My Tools?
What Are My Next Steps?

Emotional Management - 2 classes
1. Managing the Emotional Roller coaster an Audio Lesson
2. Overcoming Adversity video

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NSD Information

Amie Gamboian

Phone :: 402-891-2403

Email :: victory@amiegamboian.com 

Facebook: Friend me Amie Gamboian

Join our Area Facebook page: Victory National Area
Voxer: agambo597 ~ You are welcome to Vox a request to be part of the Consultant Voxer Training Group

Seminar & Company Information

Your National Sales Director :: Amie Gamboian

Your Seminar Affiliation :: Pearl

Unit Number :: P783


Unit Event Information

Company statistics show that 97% of successful Mary Kay car drivers and directors attended success Celebrations EVERY WEEK to build their business. Invest in yourself to reach the Top!




    Held the first Tuesday of each month at 8.30pm CST unless otherwise specified.
    712-432-0926; Passcode 393842#
    Playback Number: 712-432-0941


  • PEARL POWER HOTLINE: featuring NSD's and Top Directors (Amie leaves a message every Sunday)
    641-715-3900; Passcode 26717#